Log of Changes to Greatblue.ca Web Site


(in reverse chronological order)


2019m03d08: moved change log to linked file Change_Log.pdf

2015m11d12: updated Tannis Ewing's subsite. Removed broken link.

2015m05d28: updated Tannis Ewing's subsite.

2012m08d01: added Tannis Ewing's subsite and link to same.

2012m02d24: added paper "Representing Translation With Matrices"

2012m02d24: removed link to decommissioned PEAR project.

2009m05d16: added paper "The Faces and Masks of Prophecy"

2009m04d06: added paper "Will World Economies Stabilize?"

2008m06d15: added two transforms

2007m10d04: revised contact mail address (for spam control)

2007m04d09: verified PEAR project link (project was shut down in 2006)

2007m01d27: added link to Richard Dawkins' web site on Interesting Links page

2006m05d21: added paper "Are Faith-Based and Proof-Based Knowledge Systems Compatible?"

2006m04d01: added paper "The 'Right' to One's Opinion"

2005m12d24: added paper "Two Views of Emotions, Two Views of the World" and two Transforms

2005m12d17: added paper "On the Burden of Proof"

2005m10d07: added panorama of northern Calgary (see Personal Info)

2005m07d23: changed logo to transparent background version

2005m06d02: added synth selections "Sway" and "Blue Moon", and contact link

2005m04d24: rotating sphere pictures modified (axes inclined)

2005m04d16: replaced "The End" with standing animated heron

2005m04d12: added stereo in motion pictures to tensegrity page

2005m03d31: added paper "Derivation of Jaynes' Sum Rule Functions..