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[Picture of Alan and Tannis]

The picture was taken near Drumheller, Alberta. The person holding me up is my companion, Tannis. Our friend with the flat hat is an alien on shore leave from the Enterprise.

Drumheller is the site of the world class Tyrrell Museum of Paleontolgy, a place you don't want to miss if you're interested in the story of life, or if you're investing in a local clone of Jurassic Park.

We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a modern city of about 950 kilopeople located at 114W, 51N, give or take a degree or so. It is approximately the antipode of Kergeulen Island, in the south Indian Ocean, if that helps.

Panorama of North Calgary (zipped jpg, 2.03MB) This picture was taken from a viewpoint on the south hill above the Bow river, on the west side of the city. For those acquainted with the city the site is above Edworthy Park about the beginning of Montgomery.

The left end of the picture is the view to the NW, the centre to the NE, and the right to the SE. The coloured building in the centre is the new children's hospital. To it's right are the University of Calgary campus, the Foothill's Hospital complex, and downtown.

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